AI Artwork Gallery: Wacky Wolvertoons – Menacing Mad Monsters #1

Wacky Wolvertoons: Menacing Monsters

A Spooky Season Special

Wacky Wolvertoons: Menacing Monsters
Midjourney's Mad Monster Party

As Halloween approaches, less than a month away, let us summon the Midjourney AI artwork bot‘s witchcraft to conjure us some spooky, creepy, scary, surreal, disturbing, and fun monster images, all in the style of the late great Basil Wolverton. What mysterious images shall it leap from its computerized demonic brain? Come on, gang! Let’s investigate!

Wacky Wolvertoons: Menacing Monsters
We've got some spooky artwork for you to sink your fangs into in the pits below.

Gallery I

Gallery II

Gallery III

Gallery IV

Wacky Wolvertoons: Menacing Monsters
…And so, our first Mad Monster Party ends with screams of terror!

That’s our first installment of Menacing Mad Monsters. More Wacky Wolvertoons are on their way to these pages. Keep an evil eye out for them!

Wacky Wolvertoons: Menacing Monsters
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Did the above images give you the creeps? Do you feel that your soul needs saving now from the eternal damnation of being tormented by horrific freakish monsters? Do AI art bots have more twisted imaginations than human artists? Inscribe your incantation in blood, below.

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