Will AI artwork replace human artists? (Part 2)

Dio Hulks out! (Remastered)

In my last post, I wrote about AI art bots and whether or not they were a threat to replace real human artists, using images generated by the Midjourney bot. The images were generated with the prompt, “Ronnie James Dio belted by gamma rays turns into the Hulk by Jack Kirby”. I’ve since learned a few things about the workings of this bot, and how to prompt to create the desired artwork. One of those things is a feature that was introduced after those original images were generated: the Remaster function.

The images below are examples of this Remaster function. On the left, are selected original images from the previous post, while to the right of each are examples of new images based on the original after being remastered. (Top and below respectively if you are viewing on a mobile device.)

As you can see, the remastered images look slicker, more detailed, and more refined than the more impressionistic originals. However,  most of these remastered versions sort of lose the facial likeness of Dio that the originals have. (Then again, traditionally, the original Hulk’s face didn’t much look like Bruce Banner’s face, either.) Overall, however, I think I still prefer the remastered images to the originals.

What do you think? Are the remastered images better than the originals, or are they just different? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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