The S**t Show – Episode 3 – Cereal Farting

Is Stevie T annoying or not? What makes a dream strange? Why do farts smell and why are they so funny? How did Axl Rose get so fat? Which cereal advertising mascots are A-holes? Which cereals should you avoid like the plague? These and other burning questions will be answered in this episode—now with less glitch!

Gkrhöbñø Awakens (The Evil Eye In Space)

(If only I could read what I wrote.)

Here’s a poster mock-up I did about six years ago. I must have used Google Translate to come up with the Japanese text, but for the life of me, I can’t recall what the original English text was that I was translating into Japanese. If anybody out there can read Japanese and tell me what the heck it says, I’d appreciate it.

Sunday In Ward 8

PIGSKIN DEPT.: When the television is aglow with gridiron action; when the speakers blast the sounds of crunching pros and announcers talking “X’s & O’s”; when mental patients bathe in cathode-ray light; then it must be Sunday in Ward 8.

Watch what happens when wackos watch the Big Game! Watch what happens when one of them starts futzing with the TV right before the kick-off! Watch a desperate cartoonist continue to hype a moldy old comic strip which he drew over two decades ago.

See tempers flare! See an antiquated television set! See a massive myocardial infarction! See a speeding ambulance! See a dramatically lit operating room! See a therapist if you truly think that the punchline to this silly story is actually clever and funny.

Join “Psycho” Sam, “Cap’n” Jack, Fishman, and all their flaky friends, as they make mental meshugahs in the meshuga mansion.

Sunday In Ward 8 comic strip
WARNING: This comic strip contains adult-language, drug references, violence, stereotyped characters, experimental surgery, and graphic descriptions of a professional football game.